This lamp is based on the male shape. The slats are designed in such a way that 3 cubes are created. The birch lamp is black coated which emphasizes masculinity. The edges are white birch, creating a dynamic line-play. The cord and plug are black.


This lamp is based on the shell Marina Charonia. This creates a na- tural rotation that looks different from any angle. The birch lamp is shell-white coated with black edges that visually enhance the rotation. The cord and plug are black.


This model is based on the female shapes. This natural shape appears by positioning 32 slats in a circle. The lamps are made out of white birch, which emphasizes natural beauty. The edges, cord and plug are black.


More than just a lamp…

These light objects produce light and shadow in the same area. Each light object is built in the same round shape. Dynamics are created by playing with the shaped 32 slats. The lamp changes shape because of the different slats. It is a play of movement, shape and shadows.

This lamp series is made of Finnish birch plywood with PEFC certificate (certificate for sustainable forest management).

Wood is my passion!


This model is based on the shape of a pumpkin. The natural round shape appears by placing 32 slats like a half moon in a circle.

The lamps, made out of white birch have edges, cord and plug in the co- lours red, green or black.


The lamps, made out of white birch have edges, cord and plug in the colour black. This lamp stands on a black steel base, fitted with pine- wood legs.

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About John-Boom

John-Boom designs interiors and items to make life more beautiful. He uses natural, durable materials with a preference for wood. Wood is the only raw material that self-regenerates and increases naturally throughout the life cycle of a product. In addition, wood has a closed-loop cycle of natural ecosy- stems. Through the process of decomposition, it forms the nutrients for the new wood cycle.

In my designs, shapes, colours, light and technique define the dynamics of a product.

“Walls and beams become a house, love and dreams build a home.

My dream is to create unique home objects designs for everyone, with passion for genuine natural materials which will make people feel happy.”